This shortcode allows you to create beautiful table with your defined clients, you can also display them as a slider on color backgrounds, it up to you. Table can be show on full width without row inner just for better presentation. Choice is yours.

[vc_wtr_icon circle=”off” circle_style=”1″ version=”wtrShtIcoStandard” type_icon=”directional|fa fa-angle-down” color=”#ffffff” align=”center” size=”50″ float=”none” animate=”none” delay=”0″]
[vc_wtr_clients type=”boxed” controls=” ” interval=”4000″ version=”wtrShtClientsStandard” category=”color” order=”data_add_asc” limit=”10″ animate=”none” delay=”0″]
[vc_wtr_clients type=”slider” controls=” ” interval=”4000″ version=”wtrShtClientsLight” category=”transparent” order=”order_desc” limit=”10″ animate=”none” delay=”0″ label=”Our Clients”]