EVOLVE GYM Covid Closure Update & FAQ's



Evolve Gym November 2020 Closure Update 

Dearest Evolve member,

First and foremost we wish that you are all in good health and spirits during this tumultuous time.

It is with regret that we have to temporarily close Evolve Gyms due to Saturday’s Government announcement of a further National Lockdown impacting all Gyms across England.

As a responsible business and one whereby our members, staff and local community are of paramount importance to us, it is the most sensible action to take.

When we went into lockdown back in March this year, we froze all memberships for free. We didn’t know that it would be another four months until we reopened, during which we still had rent and bills to pay and no financial compensation from either the Government or insurance company. We took a massive financial hit because of this and we are still in the process of recovering. Another month without income will most certainly be the final nail in the coffin for Evolve, which is why we have taken the very difficult decision of keeping all memberships running as normal.

We of course totally understand if you disagree with the decision and if this is the case, we can freeze your membership instead at the rate of £5 per month or a nominal fee of your choice if you so wish. Please ensure you email in your freeze request to the address below. Ultimately we appreciate any and every financial support from our members to ensure there is an Evolve Gym to return to once lockdown ends.

We will be running our online platform Evolve On Demand on our main Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/evolvegymofficial/ whereby our amazing PTs will be taking you through a whole host of classes, Q&A’s and challenges to keep you fit and sane throughout lockdown. Members who are freezing or letting their memberships run as normal throughout November will have automatic access to Evolve On Demand.

We will of course keep you fully updated so you know exactly when our club is re-opening. As always, please get in touch with the team on the contact details below if you have any questions.

Finally, we would like to thank all of you once again for your support and patience.

Stay fit and healthy and we look forward to seeing you training with us again very soon.

Team Evolve



What will happen to my membership during the closure?

Memberships will be running as normal unless you specifically request a freeze

How do I freeze my membership?

You need to email your relevant branch to formally request a freeze of your membership. Contact details below

My direct debit payment is due in a few days, can I still freeze?

We need at least 3-5 working days notice to apply a freeze and stop the full monthly rate from being debited. If you are not sure when your billing date is, please check your membership documents or contact the team via email.

What if I want to pay a reduced membership rate during lockdown?

You can choose to pay a nominal fee of your choice and email the relevant branch to request this.

What if I have a fixed term membership?

They will also run as normal unless you request a freeze.

What if I have been charged already?

Unfortunately we are unable to issue refunds. However the time lost can be added back once the gym reopens. Please email in to request this.

How long will Evolve be closed for?

We can only follow Government guidelines at the moment which specify a month lockdown. We will be updating members as and when we know information via emails and:

@evolvegymofficial  /  www.evolve-gym.co.uk

What happens when the Government issues a re-opening?

All memberships, including those frozen, will resume billing as normal.

Will I be able to workout at home or outside?

Of course! Unfortunately we can’t lend you our treadmills and bikes however you can follow Evolve On Demand which will be running on our main Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evolvegymofficial/ where our wonderful PTs will be taking you through various workouts to keep you fit!

I noticed my Fitsense App has a workout feature. Can I use this?

Yes! Our Fitsense app will also contain a backlog of training plans at your disposal. If you haven’t already, please download from the App Store or Google Play and follow the log in steps

What if I have more questions?

Our management team will be working remotely and available to answer any queries you may have. Please feel free to contact them on the following emails:

Colindale Branch:

Ruislip Branch:

General Information, Recruitment & Collaborations: