Reopening Rules

In line with government guidelines, Evolve Gym is to reopen on 25th July 2020. Of course, this may be subject to change but we are working hard towards this timeline and keeping our fingers crossed!

We know that rules are dull and being in the gym is our FUN time!! However we must appreciate being able to train again and MUST PLAY BY THE RULES! We must protect our community and ensure that we are allowed not only to open, but also remain open in line with the new regulations in place!

Preparing The Gym:
  • To facilitate physical distancing, we have reduced the number of cardio machines and equipment available for use. Please be mindful if other members are waiting to use machines and equipment.
  • There will be floor and wall signage in line with the social distancing and health and safety guidance restrictions in place. Please read the signage and adhere to the rules in place. Failure to do so could result in your membership being suspended.
  • Public Health England (PHE) or equivalent posters will be on display informing customers and staff of social distancing and cleanliness/hygiene protocols throughout the facility.
  • A booking system will be in place to manage flow of traffic during peak hours.
  • Evolve Gym will comply with any health designation documentation that the Government implements.
  • Evolve Gym will commit to the wellbeing of their staff and customers, and if they show/have any signs of COVID-19 (temperature, cough and difficulty breathing), they will be sent home to follow Government regulations.
  • Hand wipes/sanitisers will be on offer (or people will be directed to where they can clean their hands).
  • Temperature checks will be taken up on entry (compulsory).
  • Contactless payments will be promoted.
Reception Areas:
  • Hand wipes/sanitisers will be on offer (or directed to where people can clean their hands).
  • Gloves are not mandatory as the World Health Organisation (WHO) advice is that it is preferable not to wear gloves but to regularly wash your hands.
  • Processes to make sure social distancing remains in place for reception staff/or screens are in place.
  • Queue management – 2m spacing markings on the floor and if necessary, outside the entrance.
Shake Area:
  • Additional signs will be put up around cleanliness and social distancing.
  • Vending machines will remain in use but will be cleaned regularly.
  • Government Guidance for food businesses on COVID-19 will be followed.
  • Processes to make sure social distancing remains in place for bar staff/or screens are in place.
  • Evolve Gym will continue rigorous cleaning.
Advanced Booking:
  • A booking system via the Fitsense app will be in place to manage flow of traffic during peak hours (please download via app store or android store).
Gym Capacity:
  • Maximum gym capacity will be based on 3m2 per person.
Personal Protective Equipment:
  • Personal training sessions can continue if social distancing is in place.
  • Face masks will not be mandatory for staff unless their role requires this i.e. when on the gym floor.
  • Face masks will be optional for customers (to be updated regularly).
  • Sweat towels will not be taken onto the gym floor/ studio.
Gym Floor & Equipment:
  • Only equipment that is 2m apart will be used – as an example this can either be done via moving equipment or marking every other piece of equipment in the gym out of order (to facilitate social distancing).
  • Touch points  of  equipment  will be cleaned after use – this can  be  done  either  by  the  customer or staff using spray and cloths This is in addition to the cleaning schedule.
  • Extra signage regarding social distancing will be in place around the free-weights area, and benches taped in place to illustrated location.
Classes & Studios:
  • Social distancing guidelines must be followed (2m apart).
  • There will be a minimum of a 10-minute window in between classes and or personal training group sessions, so no ‘waiting around’ in groups.
  • Equipment (including mats etc) will be cleaned in between This can either  be  done  by  the customer or staff member using spray and cloths provided.
  • Nothing will be passed to/from the instructor to the customer – including personal items, water bottles, bibs etc.
  • If possible, markings will be made on the floor to show the area for individuals.
Changing Rooms:
  • Changing rooms will be available for use but please respect social distancing guidelines.
  • The showers will be partially available until further notice.

We encourage you to arrive at the club in your workout clothes to limit the amount of traffic in the changing rooms. Please reduce the number of personal belongings brought to the club.

Personal Training:
  • Personal training sessions can continue as long as social distancing is in place & PPE is worn as per gym rules.
COVID-19 Reporting:
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of visiting the club, please provide us with full details of the visit.



  • When will Evolve Gym reopen?
After the recent Govt announcement Evolve Gym will reopen on the 25th July 2020.
  • Will my membership still be frozen?

Yes. All memberships will continue to stay frozen until we reopen, once we reopen on 25.07.2020 all memberships will resume back to normal with the same billing dates. If you wish to continue freezing your membership once we reopen you will have to notify us via email (freeze will be charged at £5 per month for up to 3 months).

  • Will it be safe to train at Evolve Gym when you reopen?
We were already heavily invested in hygiene before covid-19 and this will be ramped up. We are in the process of making Evolve Gyms the safest and cleanest environment to train in. Our detailed breakdown of the covid policies we are putting in place can be found above.
  • Are you running any outdoor classes?
Yes. We are currently running outdoor small group classes outside our Ruislip Branch. These have to be pre-booked as they are very popular.
You can find our weekly timetables & prices here: https://www.instagram.com/evolvegymofficial/?hl=en
  • Will you be offering any other outdoor training facilities?
We are currently looking into setting up an outdoor training space complete with free weights outside our Ruislip branch which can be accessed by members through a booking system. Members who are interested in this option will have to purchase a membership or day pass to utilise this service.
  • Will this be on offer for the Colindale branch?

We are currently seeking permission from the landlord to allow us to offer the same scheme.

  • What if I have more questions?

Our management team will be working remotely and available to answer any queries you may have. Please feel free to contact them on the following emails:

Colindale Branch:

Ruislip Branch:

General Information, Recruitment & Collaborations: