Image link

This shortcode allows you to add images with links in a cool way, you can use a signature, which we defined as Headline and label. You can use it to highlight individual pictures on your website, you can use this to direct to other sites, present you offer. No limitations. This shortcode is prepared in 2 colors styles so you can use it on different backgrounds.

[vc_wtr_icon circle=”off” circle_style=”1″ version=”wtrShtIcoStandard” type_icon=”directional|fa fa-angle-down” color=”#ffffff” align=”center” size=”50″ float=”none” animate=”none” delay=”0″]
[vc_wtr_image_link img=”3827″ url=”||” animate=”none” delay=”0″ headline_f=”Crossfit” label_f=”Wall Ball” version=”wtrShtLinkLight”]
[vc_wtr_image_link img=”4173″ url=”||” animate=”none” delay=”0″ headline_f=”Best way? ” label_f=”Cooperation” version=”wtrShtLinkLight”]
[vc_wtr_image_link img=”3829″ url=”||” animate=”none” delay=”0″ headline_f=”Battle Ropes ” version=”wtrShtLinkLight” label_f=”Workouts”]
[vc_wtr_image_link img=”3829″ url=”||” animate=”none” delay=”0″ headline_f=”Marathon” label_f=”2014″ version=”wtrShtLinkLight”]
[vc_wtr_image_link img=”3831″ url=”||” animate=”none” delay=”0″ headline_f=”gym” label_f=”Exercises” version=”wtrShtLinkStandard”]
[vc_wtr_image_link img=”4173″ url=”||” animate=”none” delay=”0″ headline_f=”bike spin” label_f=”Class” version=”wtrShtLinkStandard”]
[vc_wtr_image_link img=”4172″ url=”||” animate=”none” delay=”0″ headline_f=”Zumba” label_f=”Dance” version=”wtrShtLinkStandard”]