Instagram gallery

Wow, that's impressive, with this theme you can generate Insatagram metro gallerys with you insta-photos. With this shortcode you can power-up your Instagram account by placing gallery on your page and redirect traffic to you Instragm. It's simple, right?

[vc_wtr_icon circle=”off” circle_style=”1″ version=”wtrShtIcoStandard” type_icon=”directional|fa fa-angle-down” color=”#ffffff” align=”center” size=”50″ float=”none” animate=”none” delay=”0″]
[vc_wtr_instagram_gallery access_token=”1484459309.5b9e1e6.29203b85553045a9bd48dc22485f8965″ user_id=”1484459309″ item_rows=”fourInRow” limit=”8″ animate=”none” delay=”0″]